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Collection of Used Cooking Oil (UCO)

We collect used cooking oil in restaurants, cafes, hotels, canteens, schools, the industrial sector and the domestic sector. Help us take care of the environment!


Why Recycle

Advantages of Recycling, Collection and Valorization of UCO

Did you know that around 60 million liters of used cooking oil are produced annually in Portugal? Of these 60 million liters, did you know that 1 liter is enough to pollute around 1 million liters of water?

It is essential to treat this waste in order to extend its value chain. EcoMovimento appears as a solution.

vantagens reciclagem oau

Collection of used cooking oil in the domestic sector

EcoMovimento offers GOTA - UCO Container: dedicated to recycling used cooking oil that is produced in private homes.

Are you part of the team at your local countie, and would you like to get to know GOTA better?

How can you recycle the UCO you produce at home?

Avoid disposing of UCO into the sewer system or placing it with other household waste. See our GOTA Map, recycle OAU and contribute to a cleaner environment!


Collection of UCO in the HORECA sector

A service carried out by EcoMovimento professionals. Request a contact and find out about our Commercial Conditions.

UCO Collection Service Guarantees


Collection of used cooking oil in the Industrial sector

In addition to the UCO collection service in the HORECA sector, EcoMovimento has also adapted to large productions in the industrial sector.

Find out about our commercial conditions and what you can benefit from the partnership with EcoMovimento.